This is my attempt to summarize everything I believe makes a good resume. Follow the links below for more detail on a given topic.

If you skip all the activities and read without stopping, the whole guide takes about half an hour. Obviously, I recommend following along and making changes to your resume as you go.

Thanks for reading!

The best resume is a simple list. It is not only a list of things you did, but a concise demonstration of how you did them well.

Formatting, style, and templates should be the last things you worry about.

Deciding "what you say" and "how you say it" are separate tasks - don't do them at the same time.

Each statement should be written as a concise headline about an experience you had.

The highest ambition of any resume is to tell a story of personal progress. Make that story the obvious theme of your document.

Every bullet point should be as short as possible, but with as much detail as you can fit on a single line.

Use words that pack punch; consolidate 3 bland words into 1 powerful one.

No two lines should describe the same thing.

Highlight a single action on each line.

The bullet points under a job title should work together to tell a story about that chapter of your career.

You should feel comfortable taking any single line out of context and discussing it at length with an interviewer.

Did you "assist with" or "coordinate" something large, or did you lead something smaller?

If you highlight just the verbs from your resume, what does that list say about you?

Avoid "describing" things you did. Demonstrate your skills instead, and be able to spot the difference.

Measure everything.

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