The Line Test

Split your resume up line by line. Cut out the each bullet point in a strip of paper.

Place them all together into a hat. A velvet purple top hat, if you have one. Shuffle them around for dramatic effect.

Then, pull each single line out, at random, and ask:

Would I be comfortable having a full conversation about this single line with my interviewer? Are the details here important enough to expand upon?

If the answer is yes, you have a solid line.

Repeat the exercise until the hat is empty. How many lines make the cut?

This is a challenging exercise. It helps you understand whether each statement can truly pull its own weight. Use it to prioritize the statements that need the most attention.

I relish the opportunity to reshape a line that is confusing, vague, or worse - boring - when taken by itself. If it's not salvageable, it gets the boot.

Once each line has solid story's worth of content behind it, it can collaborate with the lines above and below it to outline distinct chapters of your career.

© 2020 Ryan Prinz