A Simple List

Behind the formatting, and between the margins, the best resume is a simple list.

Each line takes a second (maybe half) to read. The eye darts easily down the page, left to right, line by line.

You can't see it, but what makes this resume different isn't just the words that were chosen, but the words that were left out. No lingo/buzzwords to inflate the writing, no clutter to stumble over.

About eight seconds in (barely halfway down) they stop scrolling, and think: yep, this one gets an interview.

The decision is made and the reading is over, moments after it began.

Behind the scenes in this document, phrases and numbers are chosen and arranged carefully to tell a story. They compose the arc of a bright career, a torrent of personal progress and ambition.

The reader doesn’t "see" the delicate balancing act of brevity and detail on this page, but they can feel it. And you sure do, because you wrote it.

And so we start with this definition: a simple list.

In this little guide we will build a fresh approach to this list together, from scratch, and before long you will have the scoop on what makes a good resume.

© 2020 Ryan Prinz